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Enhance the appearance of your property with our made-to-measure window shutters. As the shutters are visually-appealing, they make a bold statement in your home whilst also controlling how much light streams through your property. Get in touch with our expert team in Surrey, when you would like further information about our solid panel, or bay window shutters.

Make a Statement with Bay Shutters

Replace your bay window’s blind with an elegant and stylish plantation shutter. Bay windows add character to your property and they are designed to allow sunlight to stream through your home. However, window shutters are needed to balance the amount of light entering your property at each part of the day. With our easy to use bay window shutters, you can tilt the shutter to direct the amount of sunlight flowing into the room. This also allows the beautiful architectural features of the window to be displayed. The shutters are made-to-measure to ensure they fit your window perfectly.

Manufactured and crafted to the highest standard, our plantation shutters instantly uplift the appearance of any window. Maximise the space and light in your property by installing our made-to-measure plantation shutters in your property.
Bay Shutters – Key Features

The key features of our bay shutters are as follows:

Bay shutters – Key Features

  • Choose from Full Height, Tier-On-Tier or Cafe Style
  • Available in All 6 Shutter Materials
  • Match Your Window Shape
  • Helps Save Space
  • Design to Suit Your Style
  • Timeless, Stylish Look
  • Adds Instant Kerb Appeal

Suitable for:

  • Splay and Square Bays
  • Bay Windows With 3 or More Sides
  • Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Special Shaped Shutters

Irregular shaped windows or openings require a window shutter that is a bit more unique. Our shutters suit all window shapes, no matter how curved or angled, small or large. They are also an excellent alternative to off-the-shelf coverings like curtains, drapes or blinds.

Our window shutters are an advantageous choice for period properties where the window frames are prone to warp and bend over time. The high quality of the shutters also helps to insulate your home making them a suitable choice for older properties with single panes of glass. Whether a triangle, arch or circle, the shape of the window or opening itself will dictate which material choices are available.

Key Features

The key features of our shutters include:

  • Made-To-Measure for Your Window
  • Custom-Made for Your Designs
  • Curved or Angled Windows
  • Accentuate Your Space

Suitable for:

  • Porthole Windows
  • Gable Ends
  • Barn and Loft Conversions
  • Period Arched Windows

Solid Panel Shutters

Practical, stylish and cost-effective, our solid panel shutters instantly uplift the appearance of your property. You also have total control over privacy and light entering your property with these shutters and they also insulate your home.

Another impressive feature of a solid panel shutter is that instead of having tilted louvres, the shutters are manufactured from solid premium hardware panels. This allows you to choose whether to have them fully open to let light in or block the sunlight entirely by closing them.

If you have a large period property, these are a classic choice as they tend to blend in perfectly with the flow of the room. Throughout the daytime, you can allow sunlight to flow through each room, and at night, you can block out any sunlight by closing them. Improved insulation is another advantage of these shutters, and they are a perfect addition to homes with only single glazing.

Solid Panel Shutters – Key Features

The key features of our solid panel shutters include:

  • Visual Simplicity
  • Classic Look
  • Premium Hardwood Panels
  • Adds an Insulating Layer
  • Black Out Effect When Closed

Suitable for:

  • Bedrooms Close to Streetlights
  • Wardrobe Doors
  • Older Properties

Cafe Style Shutters

Café style shutters give you the best of both worlds, you can brighten-up your property with sunshine whilst also enjoying total privacy at the same time. Sunlight streams through the top half of your window whilst the sleek shutters cover the bottom half of it. These shutters create a luxurious feel in your property whilst also giving you total privacy. Perfect for kitchens and living rooms that face the street, these shutters also give Victorian properties an authentic feel. Complement the décor in your property and add curb appeal to it by installing our spectacular café style shutters.

The great advantage of café style shutters is that they only cover the bottom half of the window, and even with the added privacy for your home, you can still enjoy the warming glow of the summer sun filtering into your home. When you want to emphasise the existing window features such as stained glass, café style shutters are the product for you. As the shutters only cover part of the opening, they are ideal for homeowners that want both sunlight and privacy in their property.

Café Style Shutters – Key Features

The key features of our café style shutters include:

  • Privacy at Eye Level
  • Accentuate Window Features
  • Let in Natural Light at The Top of a Window
  • Great Look for Bay Windows
  • Option to Match with Curtains or Blinds

Suitable for:

  • Cafés and Restaurants
  • Homes by Pavements and Roads Requiring Extra Privacy
  • Coupling with Existing Curtains or Blinds in Bedrooms

Track Shutters

Maximise space and give your property a modern and expensive look by installing track shutters. Available in two styles, these shutters are versatile, stylish and practical. You can either choose the innovative by-pass system that allows each panel to effortlessly slide past the other on smooth-running tracks – great for wardrobes or room dividers. Or pick a modern bi-fold system that effortlessly folds out of the way against the adjoining wall. Track systems are a great choice when you do not want the expense of building work but want to divide a room in your property such as an en-suite bathroom. Also, the systems can be made-to-measure to match the décor and fit a space in your property.

By-pass and Bi-fold Options

With track shutters, you can control how much sunlight floods through your property day or night.
When the louvres are tilted at an angle, they also add privacy to patio doors in your home, or glass dividing screens in an office environment. As well as enhancing the look of windows, track shutters can be used as room dividers for open plan homes.

Plantation shutters allow you to create contemporary living zones in your property without impacting on the amount of sunlight flowing through it, and they also help to insulate your home in the cooler months.

Key Features of By-Pass and Bi-Fold Options

The key features of by-pass and bi-fold systems include:

  • Great for Wardrobes
  • Ideal Room Dividers
  • Glide Smoothly on a Track
  • Optional 180° Bi-Fold to Lay Panels
  • Flat Against the Wall Optional Free-Floating Panels

Suitable for:

  • Larger Windows or Openings
  • Patio Doors
  • Internal Glass Screens in Offices
  • Open Plan Spaces

Full Height Shutters

Picture a sleek and modern shutter that covers the whole window and complements the décor in your property. Full height shutters achieve this by instantly uplifting the look of your property. With the smooth, crisp lines of the coverings and the privacy they offer, you have total control of sunlight entering your property with these shutters. A stylish addition to any property, you can choose from an array of materials and colours for your full height shutters to ensure they fit your property perfectly.

With the simple panel configuration of the shutters, you can direct how much sunlight flows through your property and they also offer complete privacy. Adding a layer to your windows, shutters are also a great form of insulation as they reduce unwanted outside noise, and help retain heat during the winter.

Whether you are looking for a modern or classic design for your space, full height shutters are custom-made to ensure you receive a product that meets your exact specifications. One of the many benefits of plantation shutters is that they give you lots of choice. For example, when you want a classic look, you can choose a visible tilt rod, and for a modern look, you can choose a hidden tilt rod that gives your shutter a clean and stylish appearance.

Adding a mid-rail allows you to tilt separate sections of the shutter, controlling the light to get the levels to suit your needs. A mid-rail also means that you can keep the lower section closed, providing privacy, while the top section remains open, allowing natural light to filter in. It can add stability for larger windows, and can be aligned with your window’s architecture to hide a horizontal bar, for example.

Full Height Shutters – Key Features

The key features of full height shutters include:

  • Popular for Homes and Businesses
  • Tall and Elegant Panels
  • Add A Mid-Rail for Increased Flexibility
  • Optional Room Darkening Blind for Bedrooms
  • Flexible Design
  • Fit Inside or Outside the Recess

Suitable for:

  • Key Living Spaces Such as Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Kitchens
  • Square or Rectangular Windows
  • New Property Developments

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Visually-appealing, practical and designed to the highest specification, tier-on-tier shutters give you the option to control sunlight in your property as well as offering total privacy. They look and feel just like full height plantation shutters, but they have two separate panels – one on top of the other – that each function independently.

Due to the versatility of the shutters, you can control how much sunlight streams through your property without hassle by opening the top panels whilst closing the lower panels for total privacy.

Opening the top panels echoes the look of café style shutters, whilst resembling the appearance of full height when shut. Ideal for bedroom and bathrooms where you require a bit more privacy, you can easily move panels and louvres independently with these shutters. If you’re looking to emphasise a beautiful Victorian sash window, tier-on-tier shutters help complete the look and provide easy access to open or close your windows.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters – Key Features

The key features of our café style shutters include:

  • Two Levels of Shutter Panels for Maximum Flexibility
  • Great for Controlling the Light
  • Provides Privacy Throughout the Day
  • Stylish and Practical

Suitable for:

  • Sash Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Living Rooms That Experience Strong Sunlight
  • Ground Floor Properties That Require More Privacy